Biological (ecological) supervision

Biological (ecological) supervision originates in the decision to issue a building permit made by the nature conservation authority.

It is required for projects conducted in sensitive habitats, specially protected areas, Natura 2000 sites (SCI and SPA), and for monitoring of exemptions from legal regulations. Biological supervision is analogous to “building supervision” under the Building Act.

Biological supervision is based on the cooperation with the investor and the construction company and lasts for the entire period of all building operations. The supervisor should keep a record of all actions by hour and date consistent with the official construction records. The supervision focuses on the aspects of nature conservation on the site, potential violations of law, and it examines whether building activities are in accordance with approved conditions. It should also document all relevant information that directly or indirectly relates to the site’s environmental conditions, the character of the monitored area, or the building activity itself.